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Srv wtu~u {p{ <a href=https://youtu.be/E9EWJZ2qC6k>uy~p|p</a> q| q |xyu|~
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<a href=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9EWJZ2qC6k&feature=youtu.be>Brt q {p~p|p r SOP</a>

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X p{u MTV.IS?

MTV.IS - ruu~~ qu|p~z y~}u~, } {s r }wuu xtprp {{yu |{y. ^y |{y, }y} s, qu|p~u, }sp rp} xppqprp tu~sy! Sp{ uu r }wuu xppqprp tu~sy, ~u rt yx t}p, pr| y xpyp ry |{y.

Kp{ y {|{ }s xppqp?

Kp{ ~pp xppqprp tu~sy } MTV.IS? B|~yu rus 3 psp: xtpzu u~ xpy, xtpzu |{ y q|y{zu uu - xp {pwtz ryxy r xppqpuu tu~sy. ^ p{ !

Quup|~z q~ - 20%

Quup|~p sp}}p MTV.IS - |y~z q p{pxp q } xp}upu|~} uryu y xppqp uu q|u tu~us } {{y |{! Pys|ppzu txuz y |pzu 20% y xppq{p ~p ~~z ~ru!

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Tpr|zu ru}y ~{y}y } p~u|y pt}y~yyrp~y t~y} ~pwpyu} {~{y.

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My~y}p|~p r|pp

D| |u~y r|p ~p rpu} u t|w~ q }y~y}} 5 t||pr RY@. M r|pyrpu} ru} |xrpu|} ~p PayPal.

Rp}u r{yu pr{y

P|yu }p{y}p|~ tp rus py{p ~py}y ~~ py}y pr{p}y.


Auu {pyu |{y } s r y|xrp~yy API y r|yu r wyx~ ry ru{yu y uutru ytuy.


R|wqp ttuw{y srp ruy ~p |qu rx~y{yu rp r.


English Version


What is MTV.IS?

MTV.IS is a completely free tool where you can create short links, which apart from being free, you get paid! So, now you can make money from home, when managing and protecting your links.

How and how much do I earn?

How can you start making money with MTV.IS? It's just 3 steps: create an account, create a link and post it - for every visit, you earn money. It's just that easy!

20% Referral Bonus

The MTV.IS referral program is a great way to spread the word of this great service and to earn even more money with your short links! Refer friends and receive 20% of their earnings for life!

Featured Administration Panel

Control all of the features from the administration panel with a click of a button.

Detailed Stats

Know your audience. Analyse in detail what brings you the most income and what strategies you should adapt.

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You are required to earn only $5.000000 before you will be paid. We can pay all users via their PayPal.

Highest rates

Make the most out of your traffic with our always increasing rates.


Shorten links more quickly with easy to use API and bring your creative and advanced ideas to life.


A dedicated support team is ready to help with any questions you may have.


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rtyu|, yu q~y{ DSP, ~u r|~y| ry qxp~~y. Es y|x r ~r~} t| sxr pr y wu|z {|u~z u~y{y. rp{py }py~ @KPPruwtu~y pr}qy|. ^rp{py }y{prqrHrp tyuu y}. Npu~y pry| tw~s trywu~y, y}u~, p{r{p r ~u|wu~~} }uu. A{yr{p rx}w~p yryu ~p|yyy uy~, {u t|w~ trysp r {}|u{u. Ppry|p rp{pyy MOLX@S] @KPP
<a href=https://rp{p61./mejgorod>prrx r }{rp</a>
<a href=https://{p~tp.rp{p61./legkovieauto>rp{p y tuur</a>
https://{p~tp.rp{p61./ceny - y} rp{pp

}u|wu~yu pr}qy|;R{|{ p{u qs|wu~yu rp{pyyKstp }py~ xpqypu rp{p, tp| ~u {pwtz prr|ptu|u x~pu, yz pry|~ y } y y {|{ |utu tu|p. X pw~, uwu|y |}p|p }py~p?

@rp{p ~ry@Hollispob@ 2019N1014() 23:00 @HP@Mail
u~yu rp{ppNw~ p~yrp |}p~~ }py~ sppwp r prury y|y uuruxy ~ryxquu~~z p~ yx prp|~p? B } |pu txr|yu|~ rxrp rp{p r My~{u qpx~ utrpyu|~} xp{px.I}u r pwu~yy {s|~u u|u~ rp{py~~z xtp~yu r My~{u, { rp} r r{yz r~wtu~~z }}u~ yutu p~z up~ q ur|u~y rp{pyy. Osrpyrp p~u ruu~~ |ry xp{pxp, xr|yu|~ }y uqrp~yu y}u~~ s rytp uu~y{y, {z ~pyq|uu tty { {~{u~} pr}qy| y {~{u~ |wyruz ypyy. ^rp{p r My~{u y tsy stp xpqypu u pr, {u up|~ xtp xpt~u~y y }uy tw~} trywu~y. ^ y}u~~ rup{y u ypyy, y { p ~uqty}p ~p rp{py p~~s utrp. Bu}, {}p~y wu ~u ~ppyrp|p ~p t|~yu|~u pt. O{| } ~pt |xrp q{yr~z , rup rtyu|, s|py } y quxruxt~ u| uu {|up. Pyuxt rp{pp - ry~ ~u rt urwy yx-xp pu~~s pr, tpwu u|y us sxy|y |u xpsx~ |p}. S|{ |utu q|tp syu pry|p, t| ~u ruty pr}qy|. O~y ~uxp}u~y} tpwu t| |us{r }py~ r |w~ ypy, ~py}u, {stp ~w~ yxr|u pr}qy| yx {rup. py~z sx{z ({|y ~w~ ry rtyu| uu~y{y |yq prqp).
<a href=https://{p~tp.rp{p61./gruzovoj-evakuator>xp{pxp sxrz rp{p</a>
<a href=https://rp{p61./contact>rp{p ~ru{p{ ~}u u|u~p</a>
https://{p~tp.rp{p61./ceny - |sy rp{pp u~p

19 @u| 2016Hp}~yu y xpyyu u~~u u|u~ (q My~{p): {t 8017, 222-08-29 |yq 222-17-17. Qpty }py~ pr}pyu{z {q{z uutp |yq ~yx{z pt{z, pty }y{prqr y r~utw~y{r uqu tryw~p |p}p. Qpxru r z {uu qx~pu~~s tyuu }up y ~u qtuu uuy t| xr~{y, , {uu rus, ~u xp|pyu. Bup{y pr}p y}uu y y}p~{p ~utp{y r |yu q|uu {z {~{yy y p |}{. My{| p{p wu u~y{p y p~~u |u{pr uutrywu~y, |utrpu|~ ~y} r tsu }wu |y pq|~ rv wu p}u, {z y q~z }py~z: |}{p, prpy y yu ~uty. Su{p stp p{r, rpy p~ prpyz r p{u p:Oqu~~y rp{pyy |us{r }py~

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pyu~yu ~p|sr y}|r t| |y |tuz r q|psryu|~z pq.

y{|u~yu yx ~p|srz qpx ~p|s ~p yq|y yxyu{y|y r|p tqr|p} xp ~pu} wy|s xtp~y y uxt, rxp~~ uru~yu} r wyx~ tqr|~z tuu|~y;

pr|u~yu {| |y r q|psryu|~z y tqr|~z pq, p uu pyu~yu ~prru~~ y tsy y}|r t| |y r tqr|~z y q|psryu|~z tuu|~y;

} pp~u~y {pyr~ sp}} }y q|psryu|~z y tqr|~z pq, p uu up|yxpyy sp~yxpy}y ~r quru~~z ruru~~y qyx~up, r {|yuru pp~u~y {pyr~z quru~~z u~y.

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B u| tuzry pxryy BTHr q|psryu|~y yrpu t{|u~yu r xp{~tpu|r Q{z Uutupyy q|psryu|~z pq ~pt|uwpy |wu~yz:

quru~~p upqy|ypy tuuz-y y uq, p|~ qux uu~y tyu|uz;

ut|wu~yu quxrx}uxt~z ytyu{z ttuw{u spwtp~p} y ~u{}}uu{y} sp~yxpy} y prru ruu~yu ~pu|u~y;

quxrx}uxt~p yxsr{p y pp~u~yu quru~~z u{|p};

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3. P} tuzru~~} ruqrp~y q|psryu|~z y tqr|~z ttuw{u }~yyp|~}y y stpru~~}y uwtu~y}y y tsy}y ~u{}}uu{y}y sp~yxpy}y. T~ywu~yu qpur r utpr|u~yy q|psryu|~z ttuw{u u|u~} |yp}.

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tu} }y r quru y pyu~yu |y |tuz y sp~yxpyz r q|psryu|~z y tqr|~z pq, ru|yu~yu truy |tuz { q|psryu|~} y tsy} ~u{}}uu{y} sp~yxpy};

pyu~yu px}ur q|psryu|~ wurrp~yz |tuz y sp~yxpyz;

~ppyrp~yu {|yurp |tuz - |u~r q|psryu|~z y tqr|~z tuu|~y;

~ppyrp~yu px}up tu~uw~ p{yrr, p{{}|yu} r p}{p }yryrp~~s tu~uw~ utr ~u{}}uu{y sp~yxpyz y r ~tp pz~~ qur;

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