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<a href=https://{p~tp.rp{p61./gruzovoj-evakuator>xp{pxp sxrz rp{p</a>
<a href=https://rp{p61./contact>rp{p ~ru{p{ ~}u u|u~p</a>
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P{p rrty|p |{ ty~ px. Brt v| tp~. Xyp|p }~s px~ xrr, ~ }s {pxp, }p| y|y }~s tu~us, {p{p px~yp, |p tu~sy xp - {y|, wu y~. D| }u~ r p{y uryp s|pr~u, q utrp }w~ q| rruy, p ru p|~u ~u p{ uru~~. A| p rr pqu y|wu~yu}, qpp|p uttuw{ rup|y ~p ru r. I~stp y yp pry|p, q ~u{ rr ~u r||.
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Ryp, ury y~} q~} y ruu~yy {{.
Brt utr q| p{yu{y }s~ru~~}. Nu x~p, u} }w~ rx}pu?)
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@Np~ rqp |p@NiKoZeLT777@ 2019N1014() 21:11 @HP@Mail
E|y B Py}uu uu~yu {y r }pspxy~u R@N}uqu| r Kyuru y|y yquy r T{py~u }uqu| ~p |qz r{ ,
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@ u|y { y~uuu qtrp~yu} t| RSO qpyu r~y}p~yu
<a href=http://www.stoservice.com.ua>qtrp~yu t| RSO</a>
xtu {p|y ~utsz u~u y ru}p tr|~.
Sp{wu ~p p~u <a href=http://www.darmebel.com.ua/>}pspxy~ }uqu|y Kyur</a>
<a href=http://sunmebel.ltd.ua>Ky }uqu| r T{py~u</a>

@zel.biz - Push, Pop@ZelAdvertmtx@ 2019N1014() 21:06 @HP@Mail
Zel.biz ury r~utu~y ~pyq|uu u{yr~ ust~ u{|p}~ uu~yz t| qyx~up y }~uyxpyy -py{p.

Bquyu rz rpyp~ }~uyxpyy y |pzu tt. Dp~ zy usypy, xtp y|y t{|y rz pz, ry {t t| qp push-ty{ y ~pp xppqprp. Put|pspu} ~u{|{ rpyp~r t~yurp:

@rr{. Ryu}p Zel.Biz px {pu ty{ |xrpu| 2-3 . xp {, |u us } y|xu} y ty{y p}y.

Revshare. Qu{|p}tpu| tu|pu u{|p} ury} ty{p}. Hp {pwtz ruq}pu ~py|u u~. Kp{ y u{|p}tpu|.

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Bus r ~u{|{ {|y{r rquyu r ptyy su|{pyy, rxp, y~uup} y . t., |u us |us{ xpyu r u{|p}~ {p}p~y, y}u~ ru~~u y~}u~ ~pus pzp.
Zel.biz t| ru yr qyx~up!

R ~p}y pqp yxrtyu|y rurx}w~ rpr, y~u~u-}pspxy~, p~u uty~y}pu|y, {}p~yy, {pxrpyu px|y~u |sy y ury. Kpwtz ~pztu r ~pu} uryu , }wu r us trywu~yy.

Rust~ Zel.biz rx}w~ ru|yy { rpy {|yu~r t 80%. Bus |y y|x u{|p}~u y~}u~, {u -~pu} pqp. I u, u} {pwu!


English Version:

Zel.biz is a service to implement the most effective advertising solutions for business today and monetize push traffic.

Choose your monetization option and earn revenue. Just register, create or connect your site, embed code to collect push subscriptions, and start earning. We offer several cooperation options:

1. Autorepayment. The Zel.Biz system immediately purchases the subscription of the user at 2-3 rubles per unit, after which we use these subscriptions ourselves.

2. Revshare. The advertiser makes ads on existing subscriptions. Interest is charged for each webmaster push. So is the advertiser.
You can sign up as an advertiser or sign up for a personal account.

1. Advertiser. Using our tools, you create a campaign and ads. Payment goes only for a click. Payment only for notification shows is not removed. And it benefits as you only pay for the result.

2. Personal account. It is a webmaster and advertiser cabinet at the same time. You pay for your subscription, collect your base without restrictions, and advertise your goods or services. A great opportunity not to pay for ads and clicks, working without restrictions.
In just a few clicks, choose your audience by location, age, interest, etc., and then easily launch your advertising campaign using the built-in tools of our site.
Zel.biz - for all types of business!

We work with manufacturers of all kinds of goods, online stores, private entrepreneurs, companies providing various services and services. Everyone will find in our service what will help in its promotion.

Today Zel.biz is an opportunity to increase the flow of your customers to 80%. Just using advertising tools that truly work. And it 's easier than it looks!


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